Shree Rama Multi-tech Ltd. aims to grow its business horizons but not at the risk of environment and society. The company is equally committed to its responsibilities towards the environment it is growing in and towards the community it is surviving in.

As global warming demands dedicated efforts to reduce undesirable impact on the environment, Shree Rama Multi-tech Ltd. understands the business imperative to be - and to be seen as - a conscious, responsible organization.

Recyclable tubes
Recyclable tubes

Further to this, Shree Rama Multi-tech Ltd. being a socially responsible company is actively involved for social betterment activities such as:

  • It has developed a comfortable and pollution free working environment where people are inspired to work with enthusiasm and give the best of what they can.

  • Shree Rama Multi-tech Ltd. believes in Team Work and hence it has always been compassionate in all means to its partners and integrated network team.

  • Shree Rama Multi-tech Ltd. is also dedicated towards the “Go Green” movement to save the earth.