Lamination is the process of combining two or more flexible materials. This combined Product is called laminate. Laminate helps in keeping materials filled inside it as good as new for many years, increasing durability as well as presuming the Colour, protect them from smudges, fingerprints and other type of damage.

Flexible Plastic Tube Exporters

Advantages /
Properties of laminate

Good heat sealing Properties can be achieved.

Improved Puncture Strength.

Excellent Bounce back property.

Excellent Flavor Retention.

Excellent barrier Property.

Better Printability.

Better Bond Strength.

Flexible Plastic Tube Exporters

Lamination Process

Flexible Plastic Tube Exporters

SRMTL manufactures laminate for following segments basically :

  1. Tube Laminate for Oral care, Pharma, Cosmetic & Beauty Care, Food, Industries & Home care Product.
  2. Special Laminate for Flexible Packaging.

SRMTL has two type of lamination Process as below

  1. Tandem Extrusion Lamination
  2. Adhesive Lamination (Dry lamination)

Tandem Extrusion Lamination


SRMTL has world class co-Extrusion Coating Tandem Laminator from M/S DAVID STANDARD, GERMANY - with special features of Gravimetric Dosing Control and 4 station Auto Thickness Control systems to produce high quality Laminate. This machine controls all the stations fully automatically and can produce 5 layers Tube Laminate by single operation./p>

Type of Laminate

  1. Aluminum based laminate (ABL) – Barrier Layer as an Aluminum Foil-9 mic to 40 mic.
  2. Plastic based laminate (PBL) – Barrier Layer as PET/EVOH/ Nylon/Ceramics/Special Adhesive Layer.

Adhesive Lamination

FLEXIBLE LAMINATION - Adhesive Lamination (Dry lamination)

We offer wide range of multilayer laminates that are made available in standard as well as customized specifications. These laminate structures are used for meeting the demands of flexible packaging applications.

We have state of art solvent base adhesive laminator to produce Flexible laminate.

Dry Lamination Process involves use of Bonding agent (Popularly called Adhesive) to achieve proper bond strength (adhesion) in Laminate. First, the Bonding agent in Liquid form is applied on one side of the substrate which then passes through a drying oven. While passing through the oven, most of the Liquid adhesive evaporates and remainant of adhesive is in semi solid form properly bonded with the substrate. This adhesive coated substrate (web) is then laminated (bonded) with the other substrate under strong pressure and high temperature using a series of nip and heated rollers. This improves the bond strength of final 2 ply laminate. Same process is repeated again in case of 3 ply / 4 ply laminate.

We are expert in specialized multilayer laminates which works as Oxygen and Water Vapor barrier and prevents material for,

  • Flavor Loss

  • Odor transfer

  • Penetration of Ultra Violet Light

  • Colour deterioration

  • Superior Tear & Puncture Resistance

  • Extended Shelf Life.