We have State of Art 3 layer Blown film plant from Reifenhauser, Germany, with auto thickness controlled system.

In this process of Blown film Co-extrusion used various types of Polymers as a blend in each layers in the multilayer film structure to meet chemical & physical properties.

The extrusion of polymers melt is done via Die vertically for the formation of a thin walled tube. The air passed through IBC (Internal Bubble Cooling) system for blowing up the tube just like a balloon. The tube of the film continues its movement upward with IBC cooling system till passed via Nip roller. Here, the tube is flattened for creating lay flat tube of film and edges are slit for produce 2 flat film reels.

In Blown film process critical parameters are Temperature/ Air pressure & cooling if any deviation may cause upset the process as well as affect the quality of film.

This film thickness ranges from 40 mic to 135 mic which is used in Tube laminate as one of the main raw material.

Blown Film Plant - Multilayer Tubes