Different types of Tubes

  • Aluminium.

  • Laminated multi-layer Seamless tube

  • Laminated multi-layer tube with side-seam without Al. Foil.

  • Laminated multi-layer tube with side-seam with Al. Foil.

  • Laminated multi-layer tube with side-seal with Nylon, EVOH, PVDC or other barrier

  • Any other.

Laminates For Oil Packaging

Multilayer Tubing

The state-of-the-art technology from world class suppliers with fully automated plants and virtually no human contact ensures the highest standards. The most advanced quality assurance and products development facilities ensure high quality products to meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

SRMTL Lamitube machineries are made by AISA - Switzerland, PSG - Switzerland and Mechatronica - Bulgaria for production of Lamitubes with compression moulded shoulders and pre-moulded shoulders technologies. With this world’s leading technologies along with our experienced technical experts, we make the best quality tubes for our customers.

Monolayer Tubing

  • Flexible plastic tubes are manufactured supplied in a range of sizes from 22 mm to 50 mm providing approximate volumes up to 300 ml.

  • These tubes can be supplied with 2mm to 8mm orifice as standard.

  • Transparent / Non transparent tubes can be supplied with Matt and Gloss finish.

  • Colored Tube Body, Neck and Cap can be made.

  • Available tube diameter with us is: 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm