Multilayer Tubes

The recent years have ushered in an era of modernization and intense competition in the industrial world. Advertising and marketing efforts have acquired a new meaning. In this scenario, packaging and presentation are of the utmost concern and importance.

Multilayer tubes combine advanced packaging features externally and internally to give the product a different and attractive image. Externally, the tube remains flexible, smooth and soft at any stage of use. At the same time, it stresses product character that makes it ideal for all Dentifrices, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Other Products that demand best packaging.

Tube Laminate

Special Attributes

  • SRMTL has design expertise and production technologies to make the products suitable for our customer’s requirement at right time.

  • SRMTL makes Multilayer Tubes in all types of ABL as well as PBL structures with single as well as double barrier.

  • SRMTL can provide Multilayer Tubes in different types of customized laminate structures as well, which are developed by our R&D team based on product requirements.

  • SRMTL is capable of doing temper proof seal in our all diameters of tubes.

  • SRMTL has a facility to make different type of orifice size based on customer’s requirement.

  • SRMTL has customized solutions for various colour of caps matching with tube printing design based on customer’s requirement as well as on market demand with & without foil stamping.

  • SRMTL has a wide range of Multilayer tube size from Dia. 16 mm to 35 mm with excellent barrier laminates which is developed based on product requirement for long shelf life of product as well as our tubes.

  • With the help of our state of the art technology, technical expertise and good manufacturing practices, we are able to mark our presence almost all over the world.

  • Our core strengths are quick decision making and our in-house facility of Tool Room is helping us in development of the Lami tube technically based on our customers’ requirement.