Confidence in Plastic Laminates

Flexible packaging, Miniature Packs, Carry Home Packs – these have been the buzzwords in today's competitive market scenario. More and more companies have been opting for flexible packaging these days in order to reach a wider horizon of customers. These laminates not only improve shelf life of the material, but also maintain aroma, impart better look to the pack as well as make it economical compare to rigid packaging. Transportation is also economical.

Flexible packaging material - in the technical understanding - is known by the number of layers and combination of material which has been used in. Different materials are combined to have the advantage of properties of those materials. E.g. LDPE is generally used for its sealing properties, Aluminum/Nylon may be used for barrier properties, Polyester may be used for better surface printing properties, etc.

Customized Plastic Laminate Providers

Range of Laminate

  • Substrates (Different layers): PE/BOPP/PET/PVC/Cellophane Aluminum Foil/METPET/ PP Woven Fabric / Non-Woven Fabric / Cloth/Paper/Board

  • Thickness: 10µ to 60µ per Substrate

  • Printing: Up to 9 color with excellent super glossy halftones. (protected by UV cured printed surface)

  • Width of roll: Up to 1350 mm

  • Core sizes:76 mm (3”) and 152 mm (6”) paper/plastic/aluminum cores.

  • Roll Weight: Up to 2000 kg

Standard Range of
Flexible Laminate Structures

  • Printed/Unprinted Paper/Poly/Foil/poly

  • Printed / Unprinted PET/Poly/Foil/Poly

  • Printed PET/ Adhesive/PE Film

  • Printed PET/ Adhesive/Al.Foil/Adhesive/ PE Film

  • Printed PET/ Adhesive/CPP Film

  • Printed PET/ Adhesive/Met. PET/Adhesive/ PE Film

Laminate Structure


Used for

Paper – Foil – Poly

65  GSM to 160 GSM

Pharma + Food

Paper - Poly

65  GSM to 160 GSM

Pharma + Food

PET – Foil - Poly

65  GSM to 160 GSM

Pharma + Food