• SRMTL has a set-up of Monolayer Tubes which is basically suitable for cosmetic players because of softness and bounce back property of the Tubes.

  • Monolayer Tubes are developed based on product requirement for long shelf life of product as well as of our tubes.

  • We have range of 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm & 50mm Dia for these Flexible Monolayer Tubes, in which volume up to 300ml can be filled.

  • Orifice for this Monolayer Tubes can be customized as per demand in the range of 2mm to 8mm.

Monolayer Tubes
Monolayer Tubes
  • Tube wall thickness can also be customized in the range of 400 - 500 micron.

  • Monolayer Tubes are available in Transparent & Opaque surface with Gloss & Matt varnish. Coloured body can also be developed for this range.

  • Coloured Caps & necks can be manufactured as per requirement.

  • These tubes can be printed up to 6 colors with UV varnish.

  • Top sealing can also be done as per customer’s requirement.

  • Auto Label Application Facility for the customers who prefer to go for high end decorative labels pasted on tubes.